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You’re just one step away from creating true emotional Freedom for yourself.

Be Brave. Take the Leap.

I am here to catch you and guide you on the way.

Your sadness and stress and anxiety is not sitting on the surface, easily ignored or satisfied with yet another distraction.  Or yet another motivational seminar. It’s deeply within your thoughts and emotions, distressing and distracting you from your natural wisdom and clarity.

So adding surface tips and strategies and workshops and expensive courses to try to fix deeper underlying distress is like building a house on shifting sand. It looks good and works for a while.  But it has no longevity.  It quickly falls apart. Or gradually slides sideways till its lying in the mud.

Questions. Lots of them. All with one aim in mind.

We are going to:

  • Compassionately explore and discover and examine the patterns of your beliefs that dominate your cognitive and emotional processes.
  • Compassionately become very familiar with the underlying belief systems of how and why you are anxious, sad, and overwhelmed.
  • Compassionately become very familiar with how you maintain your distress.

At this point you might be saying “Stephanie, I’ve tried to do this.  I don’t know the answers”

You are right.  And that’s because the answers are often deeply unconscious.  Our conscious mind doesn’t know, because conscious minds are a small percentage of the depth and breadth of our minds.  (I talk more about this in About Stephanie).

And that’s why we search for patterns.  Because the unconscious mind reveals itself in patterns.  Once we understand your conscious beliefs and emotions, we can find and craft your unique pathway to your freedom without the domination of anxiety and sadness.

I teach you how to adjust your pathway to fit your goals and dreams throughout your life.

Helping people to live their full potential is my gift and  my passion.

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