Coaching Questions

Do you Do Coaching?

Yes I do.  My area of coaching is focused on the gap between clinical anxiety and depression, and specific professional coaching.  As a psychologist I love helping people move from anxiety and depression to being ok again.  That’s a huge journey that’s deeply respected.  But I always tell people that it’s not enough.  Being ok is not enough.  Sometimes moving from ok into joy and freedom is as hard moving from anxiety to ok.  Why?  Because there are often debilitating beliefs about themselves that people are unaware they have.  A feeling of not deserving success or a fear of being found out as a fraud is very common, and is often felt by extraordinarily bright and successful people.  This is my specific area of interest and dedication.

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I’m working with a business coach at the moment. She is excellent, and has made a positive impact on my business. But I’m so stressed, and I’m not getting the benefits from the coaching that I’m paying for. I feel like I’ll let people down if they realise how I feel.

Stress is debilitating.  Stress can prevent us from making decisions and choices that honour who we are and our purpose in life.  But there is one thing that most of us don’t realise.

Our stress is unique.  The patterns of our stress include our beliefs and emotions and assumptions within the past, present, and future.  Its complex.

Sometimes we need more specific help to untangle why you are stressed.  This is my area of expertise.  Click here if this sounds familiar to you.

Just one more thing. I have a business coach too.  She is excellent.

Confidentiality Questions

Privacy and confidentiality are essential for me. Can you assure my visit to you is confidential?

I agree that confidentiality is essential.  Most of my clients require confidentiality and don’t feel comfortable waiting in a reception area in a larger psychology practice.  I work in a private room in Brisbane CBD, and each session time is separated by 30 minutes. There is no client overlap so confidentiality is assured.

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I don’t want to tell my partner that I’m seeking psychological help. Do you think that’s right?

That is a personal choice you need to make, taking into account the circumstances and complexity of your situation.  I always respect your decision.

Medicare Questions

I see that you offer Medicare rebates. Do I have to see a GP before I can see you?

You can always see me privately if you wish.  Medicare rebates are available for those people who have a mental health disorder such as anxiety and depression.  You will need to see your GP for assessment, and then you will be given a Mental Health Care Plan for 10 sessions with me.  Check with your GP practice, as not all GP’s offer Mental Health Care Plan assessments. The rebate you receive is approximately $85 per visit.

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Online Questions

I’m in my own online business and I would prefer to see you online rather than losing 3 hours including travel time. Is that ok?

Absolutely!  I love online sessions.  I’ve found that people are becoming more comfortable communicating online so we don’t necessarily need to be in the same room.  Studies have shown very little difference in outcomes between online and face-to-face therapy. I’m looking forward to helping you.  Click here for more online information.

I am working in a remote area and I know I’m feeling anxious and depressed. Can I consult with you online?

Yes you can, and I’m happy to help you.  However your safe wellbeing is my first concern.  If you are feeling depressed I urge you to see your nearest Medical Practitioner for assessment as soon as possible.  I would certainly advise that you compassionately prioritise your own mental health.  Meanwhile, the website is an excellent place to start your own understanding.

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I’m going overseas to live in a few weeks, and want to consult with you about my stress. Is that possible?

Yes, I love helping people online.  But there is a hitch.  My registration with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) only allows me to work as a Psychologist within Australia. As a consequence I am unable to do assessments or reports or liaise with medical or allied health personnel in your country.  In short, our sessions won’t be formal psychological therapy.

But good news!  I can coach you in personal development, including thoroughly and deeply understanding and positively managing your stress, problem solving, and making better decisions and choices that are right for your life purpose and meaning.  I can also teach Deep Meditation and Trance State Relaxation online too. The ability deeply relax is essential for reducing stress.

See my deep meditation FAQ’s below.

Deep Meditation Questions

I see you teach deep mediation and deep trance in your office and online. How does that work?

A deep meditative trance is an enormously powerful technique for decreasing stress and anxiety. Peer reviewed studies in Medical journals cite improvements in physical well being, as well as decreased reliance on pharmaceuticals for patients with co-morbid anxiety.

Learning to allow oneself to go deeply into a meditative trance can be easily learned. I’ve found no difference in reported satisfaction in deep meditative sessions between people in my office or online.  Like anything, it takes commitment and practice.

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Why dont you have any Testimonials on your site?

As I am a registered psychologist with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency), sadly I am forbidden by law to use testimonials on my website.

There are also strict rules surrounding social media participation.

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