How can Psychology Help Me?


When you feel stressedworried and anxious, it seems to take over your home life, your personal relationships, and your career.

Clinical anxiety can be expressed as unrelenting and debilitating fear-based worry that prevents calm decisions and choices. There is often a lack of confidence, and a low self esteem. Anxious people find it hard to return to calmness.

When you feel anxiety, you understand about eating well, exercising regularly, and keeping in touch with friends and family. But you don’t feel any better.

You look at others and see how their stress is reduced by family, friends, and fun. Why not you?

As a registered Psychologist I can help you work through the layers of emotional distress that keep you anchored to painful emotional thoughts and feelings.

My training, my focus, and my commitment is helping you live your life without clinical anxiety.

Psychology will fix more than just the symptoms.


There are a lot of self help processes out there that may offer some measure of relief from your anxiety, however they are all geared towards masking the symptoms of your anxiety. They cannot remove the underlying cause, so your anxiety and feelings of being out of control will recur over and over again.

We all experience occasional feelings of anxiety and fear, we all have occasional negative feelings of self limitations. But the reason why your negative self limitations stay is due to your pattern of those fears and self limitations, and the reasons those patterns stay is unique to you.

I help you to understand those patterns.


You don’t self sabotage or lack confidence for the same reasons anyone else does.

Your reasons may look the same as others on the surface. And Im sure you’ve tried to fix the problems the same way that other people do. But it hasn’t worked.

To understand and shift those patterns at the deepest level takes courage, commitment, and focus. And help from a registered Psychologist like me.

You can achieve Freedom


 You are deeply emotionally responsible for your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. And that is your greatest freedom. Freedom to succeed, freedom to express your talents and abilities, freedom to connect to others, freedom to be a true leader, freedom to make decisions and choices that honour you, that honour your friends and family, and that respect your business and professional colleagues. The freedom to be you.

If you are ready, and you would like to know if I can help you, contact me.

Your questions are welcome. I look forward to working with you.

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