Imagine you are going for a walk in a park.  The ground is a bit uneven, and you trip and fall heavily.  There you are, on the ground, winded, spitting out pieces of grass that you hope hasn’t been visited by a dog.  As you get up, people rush over to help.  You lean on someone as you brush the leaves and grass out of your hair and clothes. Someone brushes the debris off your back.  You feel embarrassed, but people are kind. You thank them, and there are smiles of reassurance. You walk home.

Now imaging walking in rougher terrain.  Imagine walking amongst the rocks on a shoreline.  There are fewer people around. Suddenly, your foot slips and becomes wedged between rocks.   You can’t believe it.  It’s embarrassing, but you call for help.  People are concerned and kind, and they try to pull you out but your foot twists. The pain increases. The tide is coming in so you try harder. People urge you to pull your foot free.  No movement.  Someone shows you a motivational video of others pulling their feet free.  No movement.  Someone tells you of their similar situation and how they pulled their foot free.  No movement.  And you are getting cranky. Then someone comes along and assesses the situation.  They see the problem. Your foot is underneath an odd shaped piece of rock. By just turning your leg slightly your foot is pulled free.

Precise movement needs a precise understanding of what the problem is.  Our beliefs and assumptions are an integral part of how we view ourselves.  But the precise problem may be underneath decades of beliefs and assumptions that no longer serve us, sabotaging our true success.

I help you scrape away the damaging beliefs and assumptions so that the problem can be revealed.  This is a very precise and very personal process.  It is not only necessary for true success.  Its imperative.

What false or damaging beliefs and assumptions limit the success of your career, your entrepreneurship, your relationships, your business, your profession, and your health?

Imagine making decisions and choices from clarity and your natural wisdom.  Imagine the exhilaration of knowing that you have the freedom of time.  Imagine thriving as a result of your talents and abilities.  Knowing you are making a difference.