I have two great missions in life.  The first one is helping people move from clinical anxiety and depression to being ok.  That’s often a huge journey of hard work, sweat, and tears. It’s a journey of deep respect and understanding. The outcome is relief, satisfaction, and pride.  And that is wonderful.

But it’s not enough. Ok is not enough.

The first journey is healing what’s wrong with you.

There is a second journey.  The journey that focuses on what’s right with you.

The journey from ok to your true freedom and purpose.

It often surprises people that the second journey is as hard as the first.  The difference is that the second journey focuses on exploring and revealing those self-sabotaging beliefs that can’t hide behind anxiety and depression any more.  These beliefs are often unconscious and very stubborn.  This journey requires meaningful wisdom and patience, and an open heart and mind.  It requires a maturity and an entrepreneurial spirit.  The outcome is true freedom, meaning and discovery.  It is a joy.

This is why I work as both a psychologist and a coach.  Both journeys are about leadership, wisdom, satisfaction, and excellence.  Both journeys lead you to the joy of being able to make the most of excellence – yours.

But you wanted to know more about me?

More than anything I have a passion for truth and understanding.  My first job was in a laboratory working as a laboratory technician. I earned a science degree online, added a graduate diploma in secondary education. I worked as a science and mathematics teacher. I then started studying Psychology and obtained my PhD and my registration at much the same time.  In between I had three fantastic children.

At heart I am a still a teacher.  Now I teach people how to deeply understand themselves so that they live their lives from active meaningful choice.

One more thing.  I feel very passionate about how I work with you.  And I never compromise on this.  You are my primary focus.  Healing the negative patterns and complexities of you are my primary focus.  How you heal will be unique to you.  When I work with you, all the principles of neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy are adjusted to fit you and your uniqueness, not the other way round.  You heal in your way, within your own wisdom and leadership.


I love helping my clients find their zest for life. I love watching them power into their own unique freedom and clarity. Sure, I can sometimes be a bit tough (my wonderful clients would smile at this point), but digging into a complex tangle of unconscious negative beliefs needs your determination, commitment, and courage.  I love teaching people how to be their own compassionate peace.

You can be at peace with being your true, best self.  We are emotional beings who think, not thinking beings who have emotions.  Our minds have crystal clarity when we allow our intelligence and our emotions to work synergistically. With courage and effort, understanding and trust, it can be true for you.


Are you ready?

  • You deeply respect that your anxieties are indications of imbalances in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.
  • You are ready to take full responsibility in your life.
  • You are ready to understand the freedom that discipline brings.
  • You are ready to understand and stop blaming others or difficult life circumstances.
  • You are ready to work and implement and practice.
  • You keep going, even when its difficult and you are scared.
  • You are ready to learn and listen to, and trust, your instincts.
  • You are ready to be excited by the process of discovering you.
  • You are ready to embrace your leadership and commitment to yourself.
  • You are ready to stop all the crap that you are using to distract yourself from being your true self.